Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Keppel Bay & Privé

Knowing that I wanted to try out Privé cafe at Keppel Bay, Alex surprised me on his off day and brought me there :)
We had lunch at the nearby Vivocity before heading to Keppel Bay for tea break. 
It wasn't a very hot day, which was good cos it meant we could take a stroll without feeling all icky and sticky after.
The Marina at Keppel Bay makes a nice spot for a stroll cos you get to see many yachts parked there and the calm and serene surroundings makes it so inviting at the same time. 

Reflections at Keppel Bay

Because the surroundings were so pretty, we did a little shoot hahaha!
Wearing a vintage inspired polkadot maxi dress with back details and big o'l floppy hat

The back details <3
You can see the sky is getting darker and the grey clouds are rolling in,time to run for cover!

We went for our little tea break at Privé where we ordered a mudpie to share. Good thing we ordered only one...it was HUGE!
I think it was about the size of Coffee Club's mudpie which is also known to be biggg.
We didn't order anything else cos we were still pretty full from lunch.

Walked around alittle more to try to digest that big slab of mudpie we just had before heading to 313 for some shopping where we had some drinks at Dolce Tokyo cafe after dinner much later. 

I must've borrowed Alex's drinks for this photo cos I don't remember me having this drink with ice-cream..I'm not really a fan of milkshakes or tea with milk.. hahaha.. 

That pretty much sums up our day out,
till next time! :)

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