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Saturday, 5 April 2014


Friday is has been good to me so far,
we checked out Tiramisu Hero in Jalan Besar area for lunch and of cos their Tiramisu!
When in such an old school area, you can expect to see lots of shops selling their metal wares and majority of these shops have the classic metal gate that's a signature back in those days.
Being me, how could I resist taking pictures?
Today's outfit is a simple combination of an eyelet blouse paired with a china blue printed skort.
Added a pop of colour through my sunshine yellow necklace and ballerina flats!

Check out the olden day buildings in the background,
its like being transported back in time! 

I have a thing for these old school metal gates.
If I had my way, I would've incorporated these metal gates as part of my home's colonial industrial decor!
Unfortunately, you've to adhere to some rules about maintaining the facade of the building when you stay at hdbs.
Not that I'm complaining or anything,
I love my new home as much as my parents' home.
So since I can't have these at home,
took some pics with it instead!
Haha, it was rather funny to watch the uncle from the next door shop walking over to see what was so worthy of us taking photos of!

So here we are at Tiramisu Hero!
Since it was lunch time, we both ordered the curry baked rice.
I thought it was not bad for cafe food and they were pretty generous with their portions!
What was a visit to Tiramisu Hero without having their Tiramisu??
This was our second time to this adorable cat themed cafe and this time we tried the "Cookies & Cream" flavoured tiramisu.
We tried the original flavour on our first visit.
I personally prefer the cookies & cream flavoured ones maybe becausse it has cookie bits inside it!

Look at the adorable tiramisu jar with Sir Antonio on it.

The inside of the jar and the texture of the cookies & cream flavoured tiramisu.

Looking at this makes me hungry!

Anyway, if you want to check out this adorable cat themed cafe, 
here's the address!
Address | 121 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207548
Contact Number | 62925271 
Buses | 13, 23, 64, 65, 66, 67, 130, 133, 139, 141, 147, 857
MRT | Lavender (6-8 mins walk), Farrer Park (10 mins walk)
Shall blog more about this cafe soon!
Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Spring Florals x Marmalade Pantry

Been wanting to try out Marmalade Pantry for the longest time and finally did when I met up with the lovely Jilyn for lunch recently.
We tried the one at Ion Orchard and since it was lunch time, there was a queue. 
But boy was I glad that the queue wasn't unbearably long or anything!
Though this outlet was inside a mall, it had an alfresco concept so it was quite refreshing from the usual enclosed eateries. 
Anyway, going alfresco in the Singapore heat would probably send all of us indoors!

 A picture before the meal!

I ordered a classic Macaroni & Cheese cos I was in the mood for something cheesy and creamy! 

The shallow pan looked deceiving enough, felt like I can stomach a slice of cake after finishing the mac and cheese but boy was I wrong!
It was very, very filling and I couldn't even finish it! 

Here's Jilyn with her crab meat penne!

They were also pretty generous with their portions

We both tried their pasta but didn't try their brunch sets or anything so if you'd like to visit them, here's their address! 
Ion Orchard
Unit 03-22 Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn,
Singapore 238801
T: +65 6734 2700 
F: +65 6734 2279

55 Fairway Drive 
Singapore 286846. T: +65 6467 9328. 
F: +65 6467 1608. 
Reservations: +65 6467 7748 

Time for some outfit photos!

I was dreaming of Spring when I was planning this outfit in my head.
Thought it was time to bring my floral blazer out after having bought it for so long!
I paired the floral blazer with the classic origami skort and an electric blue tank to add some colour.
Completed my look with my black booties, red soldier bag and crystal necklace stolen from mom's accessories stash! >.<

I've been pretty obsessed with this black booties from Charles and Keith, 
they're so comfortable and can be paired with almost anything!♥ 
I was so surprised that this pair of shoes from Charles & Keith are so comfy, 
cos to be honest they're shoes are more known for their fashion forward stylish designs rather than comfort.
Brought my soldier bag from LaPalette out after neglecting it for so long!
Love how it adds colour and a fun element to my outfit 

View of the soldier on the bag
I love how dainty this necklace is! 
So good to have a mom who shares the same passion for fashion and she has an amazing accessories stash!♥ 

Outfit Stockists
Blazer & Skort: Bysi
Tank: Online
 Booties: Charles & Keith
Bag: LaPalette
Necklace: Colette Hayman

Have a fabulous midweek!

Thursday, 27 March 2014


What is that?
That was a question we all had in our heads when we received the email invitation.
Well, we're about to find out!

We were heading to the iconic Mariott Hotel for the event but not without taking some outfit pictures first! ;)

Here's mine!
Went for a floral blazer over white bottoms for a Spring florals look! 

My lovely companion for the evening; Melissa Jane and her OOTD!

The gorgeous poolside of Mariott Hotel!
Doesn't the pool and all the lounge chairs look so inviting??
Can I please stay here?!?!

View of Orchard Residences atop of yet another modern icon; Ion Orchard
I think the only down side to the evening was the weather as it was rather overcast and it looked like it was gonna rain...
It really rained shortly after. 
So pretty that we can't resist taking pics by the poolside!

And the presentation on what INFLUR was began!
INFLUR is actually a site for anybody who has a blog or any one who creates "content".
It uses an algorithm to determine the level of influence you have and you get to progress from there.
They basically work to reward content creators via the different levels of influence and tiers of influencers.
Being a content creator just got more rewarding cos once you progress to the "Elite Influencer" tier, you get selected to represent various brands or even get exclusive invites to their events!
You will also get rewarded in terms of cash rewards or other forms of tangible rewards.
So put your creativity to good use by joining INFLUR today!

The different tiers of influencers
- Elite Influencers
- Respected Influencers
- Popular Influencers
- Basic Influencers

INFLUR'S co-founder Clara giving the presentation 

Light refreshments at the event included canapés and macarons.

Other presentation for the night included one from their partners, Laneige!

The introduction to the BB Cushion from Laneige!
Though I've wanted to try out BB cushion, there are simply so many around so it's pretty hard for me to actually just choose one.
Really glad that INFLUR tied up with Laneige to share this highly raved product with all of us that evening. :)

Anyway, today's introduction was about their BB Cushion!
Who loves Song Hae Kyo?
I think she's one of the most gorgeous looking Korean actresses ever!
She's the spokesperson for Laneige and you just can't take your eyes off her!
I'm very straight but she's just so gorgeous *fan girl moment* >.<   

Worried that it may not suit your skin tone?
Fret not!
There are 4 shades to choose from to ensure you get the closest match to you skin tone!  

Why is this BB Cushion reccommended?
Here's why!

1) It provides Brightening Effects 
through their breakthrough technology;
Mela-Crusher Ingredients!
Everyone knows how our skin get darker through daily exposure to the sun and elements leading to an increase in melanin production thus making our skin appear dull, sallow and lifeless... :( 
This BB Cushion from Laneige has got these unique ingredients that will actually "digest" melanin and a whole of of other toxins, waste and impurities that are the main causes of yellowish/sallow skin.

Mela-Crusher ingredients include:
- Truffle Yeast Extracts
- Green Tea Extracts
- Vitamin B3(Niacinamide)

2) It is very Moisturizing
It has a unique hydration technology that utilizes a hydro-mineral suspension through their Optimal Mineral Water to provide deep and long lasting hydration to our skin!

3) It provides a Soothing Effect
Can you imagine that you're out in a super hot and sunny day and you feel parched, your skin feels heated up and all you have to do is to apply this BB cushion and it will cool and soothe your skin? 
How cool is that?!

4) It is water proof and sweat proof
5) Contains SPF50A+++ which makes it great for a sunscreen 
6) Provides good coverage

I can't wait to try this product out!
My best friend gave me another one of their highly raved product; Water Sleeping Pack for my birthday last year and since then, it has been my ultimate solution to dry peeling skin; a problem for people with combination/oily skin like myself :/
You know, oily T-zone, rather dry on the sides of the face.
My problem was really the edges of my mouth where the "smile creases" are.
They tend to get really dry and will even start to peel in the middle of the day despite putting on a hydrating moisturizer and serum before makeup!
My solution? 
I'd apply the water sleeping pack to bed and the next morning? 
No more dryness, only hydrated skin!


After the event, we stayed around to mingle before heading for dinner at Popeye's!

Here with gorgeous Melissa 

With beauty blogger, Naomi Liu (@naomilovebunny)

With bloggers Naomi Liu, Agri Velt, Jenny and Melissa.

Thank you for the the invitation to this INFLUR Launch event at the iconic Marriott Hotel on Orchard Road!
You can check out their website here:
They've gone LIVE!