Friday, 7 November 2014

Birthday Celebration Part 2 - House at Dempsey's Vintage Tea Party

For the 2nd part of my birthday celebration,
Alex surprised me with reservations for the vintage tea party at House at Dempsey knowing how much I'd wanted to try it.
We've gone there several times for our wedding anniversary brunch, 
afternoon tea and cakes etc and we really liked it there :)
He picked me up after my course and we headed over to House at Dempsey.

We were greeted by the friendly staff when we arrived and was shown to our seat by the  full length pretty bay windows.
My course ended late so we arrived only at 4pm so we quickly started on our rounds.

 Looking at the food area, the staff really put in alot of effort for the decor!
Its so pretty with all the flowers, vintage books and typewriters.

The wide variety of food included both sweet and savoury treats in small bite sized portions, true tea party style!

An assortment of lemon meringues, chocolate muffins, cream puffs and cookies

The savoury bites included this potato gratin which was to die for!
OMG so delicious!!!

Strawberry shortcake and other bites and puffs

Me in my vintage getup :)

Too bad I was too busy pigging out I didn't take any photos of the food display but only those on my plate! 

This vintage tea party is only available on Thursdays & Fridays,
guests are encouraged to come dressed in vintage fashion.
If you come dressed in vintage reminiscent of the 1920s (think Great Gatsby) you'll be given a 10% discount! 

Though I didn't exactly dress in 1920s fashion, my effort to dress in vintage style was still rewarded yay! :)))

It was definitely an afternoon well spent and I can't wait to go back there again!

After the tea party, Alex and I went for a stroll around the area in an attempt to digest the food and of course, take some pics :)

For today's outfit, I chose to wear a 1960s vintage dress with pussy bow neckline in a very comforting shade of cornflower blue.
Blue is one of my go to colours of late, maybe it calms me down subconsciously.
I find myself reaching for pieces in this shade very often.

What other bag to accessorize this dress with other than my mom's vintage Longchamp drum bag?
I love this design so so much.
I recently sent it for cleaning and colour touch up at Colourwash, 
very happy with the newly touched up colour. 

Love vintage pillbox hats too and I was simply over the moon when I found this piece!
I love the deep shade of navy which I feel, goes very well with my red hair.
The netting detail is my favourite <3

Kept my shoe choice simple by pairing with this trusty pair of chunky oxford heels

One of those days I feel truly happy and in my own skin.
Sometimes we chase so many things in life that we forget how simple things in life like spending time with those close to heart makes one happy.

Life is short,
do what makes your heart sing,
spend time with those that truly matter.

Have a good weekend <3 

Check out their website here
Address: 8D Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249672
                                               For reservations: 6475 7787