Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Montigo Resort // Hens Night Celebration

To celebrate one of my dearest friend's upcoming wedding,
we set off for an all girls only staycation at....
We've heard so much about this place!
The view of white villas against the backdrop of the beautiful blue skies is reminiscent of the gorgeous Greek Island, Santorini.
The bride-to-be and Belle went for a staycation here earlier this year but its Michelle and my first time here.
Our ferry ride over to Nongsa was a short and pleasant one
but the weather didn't look too good..
The skies were overcast and we were hoping that it wouldn't rain!
We arrived at the ferry terminal after a 30 minute ferry ride and we were whisked away on a complimentary private land transfer to the resort.
The view from the resort lobby

We checked in,
off we go to our villa!
Can't wait!
We arrived at the doorstep of our gorgeous villa after a short buggy ride.
Once inside,
we were greeted with a large and spacious living room and balcony leading out to the private pool with a scenic view of the sea!
Time for some pictures :)
Welcome note and gift from the resort :)

 The very spacious living room with an attached kitchenette.
 Our private pool!
Doesn't the water look so inviting?
Can't wait to take a dip!

The resort has meal options that you can add on to your package and you can choose poolside dining or rooftop dining.

Our villa had two bedrooms,
Belle & I took this room.

I like the toilet 
 The master bedroom with the dreamy and inviting four poster bed shared by our bride-to-be and Michelle.
 I like our toilet....
Open air bathroom concept is just so cool like seriously...


 Before taking a dip in our very inviting pool,
we need to fill our stomachs cos we haven't had our lunch yet!
*Call for buggy service, wait, buggy transfer to the restaurant*
*Wait for buggy*
Hey, time for an OOTD!
or two..
Bride-to-be, Lai Yee's
We ordered some dishes to share

Everywhere in this picturesque resort is photo worthy,
so needless to say we were side tracked while heading back to our villa


while the bride rested 

Are you ready Laiyee?!

So cute!~
Michelle wants a piece of the action too hahaha!

enjoying the view of the sea,
ahh....this is the life!



we had a splashing good time,
but its time for us to wash up and get ready for some pampering treats at the spa.
After a rejuvenating 90mins of pampering,
our stomachs were growling again.
You know how it feels like you've got all the time in the world when you're away on such relaxing getaways?
That's exactly how I felt LOL~
Cos I'm usually working full Saturdays, so this is a long awaited break for me :)
Anyway, remember about the meal options that you can add on to the package?
We chose to have steamboat by the poolside.
Basically, the staff set up everything for us and all we had to do was to relax and dig in!

Michelle is hungry and doesn't want to smile for pics anymore hahaha

After the steamboat, we just called the kitchen and they came to clear everything.
We all rested before showering and getting ready for bed cos its actually pretty late!
We all brought facial masks for some pampering but after some girl talk, my friends told me I knocked out.
Yes, I was that tired, so much for the facial mask lol!
rise and shine!
Time for some breakfast at the hotel restaurant :) 

Yeap, its a rainy morning...

This was a different restaurant from the one we went for lunch yesterday.
I prefer the décor of this restaurant cos its nautical themed,
and you get a view of the sea while dining.

group shot!
Belle & Me 
Mad squeezing LOL!

It was still raining after we were done with breakfast.... 

After getting back to our villa, it was time to pack up
but not without taking some photos first! :D
Our photobooth hahaha~


Leave you with a shot of the curtain billowing in the wind.....
Checked out at the front desk and took a taxi to Batam Centre for some 'retail' and lunch.
  'Retail' consists mainly of stocking up hair care products.
After a short ferry ride, we were back on Singapore soil!
That pretty much sums up our girls only Hen's Night staycation at Montigo Resorts Nongsa!
Hope our bride-to-be enjoyed her Hen's Night celebration!