Monday, 22 February 2016

Into The Green

Traveling to a country during winter makes me appreciate daylight whenever I return.
It's true that with the short daylight, people tend to appreciate the warmth from the sun more. 
I find myself reaching to absorb whatever warmth the sun provided on my recent trip to Japan. 
It can get pretty depressing when you see the sun setting at 4 plus 5 in the afternoon but it's always good to get away from the heat and humidity every once in awhile!

I love sunny evenings cos there's always something about it that's whimsical and enchanting.
There's also something beautiful about that golden glow that it baths everything in..

Adding some statement bling
Love the simple and elegant design of the earrings

I've decided to keep things simple for this outfit by keeping white as my base colour and playing with lots of rich jewel tones from the floral prints on my skirt and accessories.
  Statement accessories are also an interesting mix to a girly/feminine outfit. 

Skirt: TresLoveChic
Accessories: C/O O'oro Accessories

Till next time!
Have a lovely Monday~