Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Familiar Back Alley

It's been a very long time since I last posted something on my blog. Years in fact.
It's as though I've abandoned this old hobby of mine.
I remember the old times where I'd get excited planning outfits and finding locations to shoot those outfits. 
Well, life has a way of shifting your priorities with time and you just get so caught up with day to day work and activities that past passions get buried over time.

Anyway, a poly friend was asking about my blog recently and it's not the first time she asked so I decided to check up on this old 'friend' of mine to see how she's doing.
I found some old unpublished blog posts and guess what? This one right here is dated in 2015! time flies!
I chose to publish this one because it has always been one of my favourite outfits that I've worn.
I still have all these pieces I'm wearing in this post, except the boots. 

Major throwback to the time when I still had my signature red hair. Of course my hair has since gone through being a chameleon with all the major colour changes and full head bleaching etc..
Grey? Purple? Pink? Blue? Blond?
You name it, I think I've tried all of it. Well maybe except for green cos I think a head full of moss is not particularly a look I'd go for. :P
Close up of the edgy necklace from the now defunct orro accessories online store

This gold clutch and bracelet was also from their store

Well there you have it, my first post in a few years! HAHA!
Who knows when I'll have time to post another one?
Everyone else is so involved in career advancement and creating a name for themselves...perhaps it may seem rather irresponsible/childish of me to pursue these frivolous passions considering that I'm not a blogger.
However, I believe that there's a life beyond our work. You are you, you're not what your job title is. Then again, there are many different perspectives to this so I shall not go there.

Anyway, if anyone's interested at all to know the details:
Top: Topshop (Obviously out of stock)
Skirt: AforArcade (HERE)
Boots: H&M (similar HERE & HERE)

Till next time~