Saturday, 22 September 2012

Outfit // Leaving on a jetplane

Loving the wine coloured leggings that are just so in trend for fall! I knew I had to get it the moment I laid my eyes on it and the cut is very flattering because it makes my thighs look slimmer which is a huge bonus for me ;) The monochrome floral blazer was also love at first sight! But my fingers weren't fast enough and ended waiting for the backorder. It was definitely worth the wait because it adds that pizazz to any outfit! With highwaisted shorts, layer over a simple skater dress or even with a maxi skirt! I paired mine with simple wine coloured jeggings. How would you pair it? ;)

wearing: monochrome floral blazer, basic black tank top, wine coloured jeggings, black heels from Far East Plaza, black shades from Charles & Keith, gold watch from Puma, black bag from Taiwan

Welcome! :)

Say hello to my new blog! I've decided to switch to using blogger for my blog because its easier for me to navigate as compared to tumblr. I will still "tumble" from time to time just that this will be my main blog instead. I will try my best to update my blog as often as I can, but you know how time consuming it is. Often getting down to blog is easier said than done :P I must be more disciplined! :)