Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I ❤ Taiwan! - Day 2

Day 2:

Time for day 2! We woke up really early the next morning and yes, after our long shopping and eating fiesta, you can see that we were all pretty zombified when we headed for breakfast. Good thing, we could catch some snooze on our way to our next destination: Alishan (阿里山) for the train ride into the mystical forest of enchanted fairies. I'm kidding. But the place was really nice! Being a fan of the popular Twilight series, being in the forest in winter was like we were on the set of the movie! You can guess my sister and I were pretty psyched up when we stepped in. I'm glad it was winter cos the weather was cool and it made walking thought the forest less tiring and "sticky" ;) Most of the trees in the forest are between 800 to 1000 years old!

                                                     Look, we're on set!

 Colours of the day; Mustard & Cobalt :)

                                          My sis's sweet colours of the day! 

                                                      The four brothers

                                           The barren trees during winter

                                 All of a sudden...a werewolf in the distance! 
Watch out!

                             The fog is coming in and the sky is getting dark! 
We better hurry!
Back at the visitor center, we saw the cute husky that looked a little depressed 
but still so cute!

We were really glad to see some Sakura blooms on our way out cos most Sakura trees only bloom between March and April but our guide told us these are mountain Sakura trees bloom earlier than the usual ones. 
And we headed off to our next homestay (民宿) in Shi Zhuo called Shi Yuan Min Su. By the time we arrived there, it was already nightfall. Days are usually shorter in the winter so it was pitch dark given that the homestay's owner owns a tea plantation which was just behind his abode. It was getting really cold cos were were up in the mountains so we had a quick simple dinner and all went back to our rooms for the night. The next day is CingJing Farm day! Yay! :)))

                                                            Till then!~

I ❤ Taiwan! - Day 1

This post is way way overdue but I just wanted to share about some of the lovely places my family and I visited while touring Taiwan back in December. 

Day 1:
We left for Taipei early Boxing Day morning and we arrived just in time for breakfast and headed off to our first destination; Miao Li to pick strawberries! Miao Li is a town known for everything strawberries! Strawberry wine, strawberry crackers, drink dishes, you name it, they've got it! Living in sunny Singapore you can see why we are pretty psyched about this. Strawberries grow in cooler climates and so the only one we see in Singapore are the ones in the supermarket. The nearest place we can pick strawberries is probably Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Anyway, Mom was a pro! She picked the ripe ones and boy was she a fast picker! 

We then headed for our mushroom hotpot at a hotpot restaurant whose specialty are mushrooms! Yes, everything mushrooms even the drinks which...I didn't dare to drink hahaha... I'm not a very adventurous person when it comes to food. I was actually having a bad case of diarrhea on the first day but looking at the photos you can't tell right? ;) I couldn't even have a proper meal at the mushroom hotpot restaurant, kept running to the toilet! Good thing was that the restaurant's outdoor toilet had a very scenic view hahaha...

                    Love this dress because of its cut, embroidery details and peterpan collar! :)

The view from the restaurant

After lunch, we headed to Gao Mei Wetlands (高美濕地) which is a coastal area that house their wind turbines. This scenic place is so pretty! The wind was very strong all our hair and clothes were flying everywhere but that didn't deter us from snapping away! Apparently, the wetlands are also home to many special of birds, crabs and other wildlife because of its good mix of soil. Too bad it was winter so there wasn't much of a breathtaking sunset..more like the sun set quietly into the grey..


  Reminds me of the chinese song by Jay Chou (周杰伦) called White Windmill  (白色風車).

After visiting the wetlands, we headed to our min su in Tai Chung city, in the heart of one of their most popular night markets; Fengjia Night Market. We freshened up and got ready to explore the bustling night market for all the yummy street food and shopped away! 

          Time to get some rest, cos we'll be heading to Alishan (阿里山) for the forest trail tomorrow!
                                                         Till then~ :)