Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Little Prince Cafe

Checked out Little Prince Cafe on Somme Road near Lavender recently. Alex saw it online and since the one we went to in Taipei a couple of years back was really good, we decided to check this one out too.

This one in Singapore is quite different from the one in Taipei cos it's more of a small and cosy joint, not a restaurant setting. We went for desserts and drinks after dinner. The interior of the cafe has wall murals of the popular Little Prince character. There are also books and other memorabilia that you can browse through! 

I like the decor of the cafe despite it being small. We went in the night..I think it would've been prettier in the day! :)

Here are the pics!

The menu is painted on the top of the counter 

I like this wall mural!
Makes you want to go upstairs haha!

The memorabilia that you can check out 

Time for some food!

Latte for Alex

Ordered iced peach tea for me and chocolate truffle cake for sharing cos we were both kinda full from dinner ;)

Alex adding more cuppa pics to his IG!
Welcome to IG Alex! 
HAHA I feel like a proud mommy 

Chocolate Truffle Cake is quite yummy too!

Their vintage-ey tableware

If you ever want to check out this whimsically themed cafe on Somme Rd, 
the address is on their card in the pic above 

Have a lovely midweek!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

[OUTFIT] By The Water X Loysels Toy Cafe

Went to Loysel's Toy cafe one Wednesday afternoon to take a break 
from the hustle and bustle of life. 
This cafe is really a hidden gem because it's away from the main road 
and I guess that's a reason I like it so much! 
The drive in transports you back to a different era somehow..
where time seemed to stand still for that moment. 
There's a sense of adventure as well. 
Maybe I'm over thinking things but it's how I feel every time I venture into this area. :)

We explored the area alittle and there's a reason weekdays are the best time to visit cafés cos there's not a big crowd and there are always seats, 
which is a huge plus point! :D
You can also walk around the area after and take in all the unspoiled beauty of what the combination of urban skyline and nature can offer. 

Its amazing how coffee art can brighten one's day ;) 

Pretty bougainvillea blooms 

Its quite pretty by the water and I couldn't resist taking pictures there 
and it was a really hot day so the colours were very vibrant :)

I'm wearing upcoming pieces from SheCaptivates :) 
Super cute anchor print peg leg trousers paired with a textured white blouse.
Trousers launching on 22/2/2014, 7PM!
Completed my outfit with a bright yellow necklace from Lovisa SALE and wedges from Charles & Keith.

Makeup of the day!
Done using my favourite palette to date; 
Natural Eye by Too Faced.
I love how it comes with "how to" application tutorials which guides you through the application of the different series of this palette.
Great for the "not so good at applying eyeshadow" peeps like myself :P

After Loysel's, Alex and I went to send my dear friend Michelle off at the airport, she was going back to Ho Chi Minh where she's stationed for work for the past year.
We will miss you Mic!!!
On a side note, today is the FIRST time that I'm taller than Michelle!
Have a safe flight! :)

Went for dinner after leaving the airport.
I love evenings and sunsets and am convinced that the hottest days have the prettiest sunsets!

Have a lovely weekend!
Don't forget SheCaptivates new launch coming on Saturday 22/2/2014, 7PM!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Beach Holiday!

My parents went for their anniversary trip to the lovely island of Bali. 
Since we didn't get to send them off cos we too went for our little trip, 
we picked them up at the airport! :)

They look so cute and happy :)
My jaw dropped when I saw my dad wearing high cut sneakers

  Wow! What did they buy? ;) 

 My family :)
Thanks Alex for taking this pic for us hehe~

Though I wasn't on a beach holiday, it didn't mean I can't dress like I was right? 
Hahaha... I miss Bali too! 
So I decided to put together a beach holiday outfit to take me away from reality. Sometimes, you just need to dress in what makes you happy :)

Beauty treats from mom :)
Thank you so much, I  them! 

Mom said she got me these cos I use makeup palettes and this travel pack came in a pretty cobalt blue pouch.  

Let's see what the actual product looks like!

The cobalt blue pouch is so pretty!

The really pretty shades that I can't wait to try!
The set even came with application brushes which make it really great for travelling.

Don't we all love pretty things? 
I know I definitely do! :)
I just love how dainty this perfume bottle is and it's going to sit pretty in my collection. 

Thanks Mom & Dad for the really pretty gifts, I really love them :)
Hope you both had lots of fun on your anniversary trip!
Love you both!~

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Christmas Part 2

December was a truly a month of celebration! On top of Christmas and NYE, I attended 3 weddings in that month itself! :) First, it was Laureen & Benedict's wedding on 7th after, Keith & Cara's wedding on the 26th, then Phebe & Michael's wedding on 28th! Here are some pictures from the wedding:

Congrats Phebe & Michael!

Glad to see familiar faces at the wedding! 
Been some time since we last met.

Our lovely friends wearing SheCaptivates! :)

After the wedding, Alex & I went for some tea and cakes at TWG. We each had a tea set which consisted of a pot of tea and a choice of either scones, patisserie from the trolley or tart. I went for the earl grey mixed berries tart cos I was not really in the mood for chocolate. It was really an interesting burst of flavor right from the first bite! 

After tea, we shopped around a little and came across this VERY pretty and delicious looking Christmas tree made entirely out of macarons from Laduree!

Alex's OOT:D for the wedding.

Wore Ophelia jumpsuit to the wedding.
I really love the lace details and pearl embellishments on this piece!
Its still available here!
Paired with nude heels and Alma BB for a simple yet classic look. I decided to do a braided updo to show case the pearl embellished collar. 

Close up of the braided updo and the pearl collar :)

That's all for my December in Singapore cos we flew to Ho Chi Minh the very next day!
That's gonna be in the next post, stay tuned ;)