Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Little Prince Cafe

Checked out Little Prince Cafe on Somme Road near Lavender recently. Alex saw it online and since the one we went to in Taipei a couple of years back was really good, we decided to check this one out too.

This one in Singapore is quite different from the one in Taipei cos it's more of a small and cosy joint, not a restaurant setting. We went for desserts and drinks after dinner. The interior of the cafe has wall murals of the popular Little Prince character. There are also books and other memorabilia that you can browse through! 

I like the decor of the cafe despite it being small. We went in the night..I think it would've been prettier in the day! :)

Here are the pics!

The menu is painted on the top of the counter 

I like this wall mural!
Makes you want to go upstairs haha!

The memorabilia that you can check out 

Time for some food!

Latte for Alex

Ordered iced peach tea for me and chocolate truffle cake for sharing cos we were both kinda full from dinner ;)

Alex adding more cuppa pics to his IG!
Welcome to IG Alex! 
HAHA I feel like a proud mommy 

Chocolate Truffle Cake is quite yummy too!

Their vintage-ey tableware

If you ever want to check out this whimsically themed cafe on Somme Rd, 
the address is on their card in the pic above 

Have a lovely midweek!

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