Saturday, 22 February 2014

[OUTFIT] By The Water X Loysels Toy Cafe

Went to Loysel's Toy cafe one Wednesday afternoon to take a break 
from the hustle and bustle of life. 
This cafe is really a hidden gem because it's away from the main road 
and I guess that's a reason I like it so much! 
The drive in transports you back to a different era somehow..
where time seemed to stand still for that moment. 
There's a sense of adventure as well. 
Maybe I'm over thinking things but it's how I feel every time I venture into this area. :)

We explored the area alittle and there's a reason weekdays are the best time to visit cafés cos there's not a big crowd and there are always seats, 
which is a huge plus point! :D
You can also walk around the area after and take in all the unspoiled beauty of what the combination of urban skyline and nature can offer. 

Its amazing how coffee art can brighten one's day ;) 

Pretty bougainvillea blooms 

Its quite pretty by the water and I couldn't resist taking pictures there 
and it was a really hot day so the colours were very vibrant :)

I'm wearing upcoming pieces from SheCaptivates :) 
Super cute anchor print peg leg trousers paired with a textured white blouse.
Trousers launching on 22/2/2014, 7PM!
Completed my outfit with a bright yellow necklace from Lovisa SALE and wedges from Charles & Keith.

Makeup of the day!
Done using my favourite palette to date; 
Natural Eye by Too Faced.
I love how it comes with "how to" application tutorials which guides you through the application of the different series of this palette.
Great for the "not so good at applying eyeshadow" peeps like myself :P

After Loysel's, Alex and I went to send my dear friend Michelle off at the airport, she was going back to Ho Chi Minh where she's stationed for work for the past year.
We will miss you Mic!!!
On a side note, today is the FIRST time that I'm taller than Michelle!
Have a safe flight! :)

Went for dinner after leaving the airport.
I love evenings and sunsets and am convinced that the hottest days have the prettiest sunsets!

Have a lovely weekend!
Don't forget SheCaptivates new launch coming on Saturday 22/2/2014, 7PM!

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