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Christmas 2013! - Part 1

Christmas this year was spent with family and friends! Though it was really enjoyable, it felt as though December came and went way too fast! I really want to sing "come back be here, come back be here..." >.<

24th December 2013: Christmas Eve
Alex and I went to Vivocity for lunch and continued our Christmas shopping. I had only one thing on my agenda today which is to build a penguin for my dear Michelle at Build-A-Bear workshop. She's currently posted in HCM for work and won't be coming back for Christmas. By this time, its CRAZZZAAAYYYYY! Everyone's rushing like mad for their last minute Christmas shopping, it was absolute craziness! *super determined face* 

Anyway, we figured that it'll be hard to find parking so we took public transport again. Since the MRT station like super near to our house now as compared to my parent's place, its really convenient! :D

What's Christmas Eve without an OOT:D shot? ;)
Wearing a wine coloured full lace dress from Topshop.

Guess where we had lunch? Bakerzin of course! I know, I know, I'm so predictable but I seriously don't mind eating aglio olio with crispy bacon again and again and AGAIN!!........ 
I know its not healthy especially with the crispy bacon and all that...

Taking some pictures while waiting for our food :)
Makeup of the day using Boudoir Eyes Palette from Too Faced.

Okay! Time for a break after all that shopping! Finally went to try out Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar after such a long time of wanting to try it. There were ALOT of items in the menu. A huge variety that we took a good 15 minutes to finally decide what we wanted.

We decided to have the chocolate fondue set for 2, great for sharing! :D
We chose Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate & Caramel!!!! <3333333

Caught in the act of Instagraming :P

Strawberries for me and Bananas for Alex! 

We shopped around a little more after tea break before heading home to deposit all our purchases. Drove to the airport to have dinner at Xin Wang! That pretty much concluded Christmas eve for 2013. Yes, no fancy countdown parties or staying out late cos I'm getting old. HAHAHAHA!

25th December 2013
Yippee... its CHRISTMAS DAY!!! :DDD
Met my lovelies and their other halves for a Christmas lunch at Gardens By The Bay!
Guess where we had our lunch gathering??? Yup, you got it right! We had Bakerzin! Hahahaha...What did I tell ya? I can have it everyday! Okay, I'm boring when it comes to food but come on, who doesn't love comfort food? ;) They should reward me with loyal customer award HAHAHAHA!~ But come to think of it, how come they don't have a membership system? I will definitely make that list! LOLOL.

Group shot before digging in! 

The guys

Mandatory SHOT with a Christmas tree since it is Christmas day after all :)

Haha, Okay I lied. 

Haha! The free kick pose!

Strolled over to MBS for dessert at Au Chocolat and of course taking photos along the way.
You can see that the sky is quite cloudy but it was still relatively sunny.
Just as we were reaching the top of the escalator to the connecting bridge to MBS,

You could see everyone scatter like ants, all running for cover!
We practically ran across the bridge in the rain and may I add that the wind was so strong that I was clutching on the hem of dress so tightly to prevent a Marilyn Monroe moment.
Yeah, FUN! Hahahaha......looking back, it was quite funny. It definitely brought the fun and memorable index up many notches!  

We ordered some cakes and macarons to share:

The Snicker Cake with Rice Crispies, 
yes the name tells you that its filled with caramel, and its sticky and chewy.
Its has a very rich and chocolatey flavour, though I won't recommend this for people wearing braces unless you don't mind having caramel stuck in your teeth and braces and brushing your teeth after having this yummy but oh so sinful cake!   

The Red Velvet cake & I forgot what's the other cake.
If you like cream, you will like the red velvet cake.

Look Ma! They gave us free chocolates! HAHA.
The lovebirds who are getting married this June!
*so excited*

We didn't order drinks at Au Chocolat so we decided to go to TWG for tea and present exchange! There was a queue but thankfully we didn't have to wait for a very long time :D 
Michelle! We miss you! 

Time for present exchange! Yay!!

Last group shot of the day! :D

Met up with my parents and maternal relatives for Christmas dinner.

Look at the Lime juice tower!

That's how we celebrated Christmas Day! :D

Boxing Day: 26th December 2013
Met up with Jaime and Oliver for lunch which is in my other post, we attended Keith & Cara's wedding at Pan Pacific Hotel at night. 
 Small world! 
Ivy turned out to be Cara's colleague! :)

 Childhood friends reunited

 Congrats Keith & Cara!

 Such a lovely couple!


Sisters' OOT:D

 Elysia wearing "Eun-Mi" Dress from SheCaptivates!

 Looking good!

That's all for Part 1!
Happy Holidays!

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