Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Beach Holiday!

My parents went for their anniversary trip to the lovely island of Bali. 
Since we didn't get to send them off cos we too went for our little trip, 
we picked them up at the airport! :)

They look so cute and happy :)
My jaw dropped when I saw my dad wearing high cut sneakers

  Wow! What did they buy? ;) 

 My family :)
Thanks Alex for taking this pic for us hehe~

Though I wasn't on a beach holiday, it didn't mean I can't dress like I was right? 
Hahaha... I miss Bali too! 
So I decided to put together a beach holiday outfit to take me away from reality. Sometimes, you just need to dress in what makes you happy :)

Beauty treats from mom :)
Thank you so much, I  them! 

Mom said she got me these cos I use makeup palettes and this travel pack came in a pretty cobalt blue pouch.  

Let's see what the actual product looks like!

The cobalt blue pouch is so pretty!

The really pretty shades that I can't wait to try!
The set even came with application brushes which make it really great for travelling.

Don't we all love pretty things? 
I know I definitely do! :)
I just love how dainty this perfume bottle is and it's going to sit pretty in my collection. 

Thanks Mom & Dad for the really pretty gifts, I really love them :)
Hope you both had lots of fun on your anniversary trip!
Love you both!~

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