Monday, 10 December 2012

Brunch at Robertson Quay

These photos were taken awhile ago but I found the pictures of the food quite yummy maybe its cos I'm hungry :P
Alex and I went to Robertson Quay one sunday morning intending to check out this other cafe called Toby's Estate but it was really crowded so we tried this other one called SQ 11 Deli & Cafe.
When we entered the cafe, we were greeted with a very warm welcome and that really made a difference! Believe me, it does.
Sadly, not every eatery you go to in Singapore has that warm greeting as compared to those in Taiwan.
The ambience was quite nice, riverside dining on a Sunday morning, the cool breeze and no to mention, we found ourselves this seat that was rather private so it was really nice :)

Here are some pictures!

 I enjoy looking at coffe art cos I find that they really add something special to your cuppa. :)

Sandwich with bacon strips and sunny side ups

Alex's breakfast cos I don't particularly like eggs no matter what method they are being cooked. Personal preference I guess.
Minus the bananas! Mine! Pancakes, ice-cream, maple syrup and strawberries? I LOVE IT!!!
Will someone please take the bananas away?!?!

OOTD: Floral Bustier and Wine Jeggings.

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Finding October

Super long overdue post!!!
Alex and I heading off to Bangkok in October for a short getaway 
as well as to celebrate my birthday! :)
We both love this energetic city for its great shopping finds 
and idyllic cafes with gorgeous interior designs.
I will share some of the cafes we went to in Bangkok in another post.

Anyway, after coming back I had to start work while Alex was still on leave so he brought me to one of his latest finds for a coffee break before I headed off to work. 

Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar, located at 150 Tyrwhitt Road. 
Interesting name for a cafe, these are the people behind Papa Palheta and Loysel's Toy!
I think they took over the hardware store and converted it into a cafe hence the name...

Can't resist taking some outfit photos with the old school exterior hehehe~
Wearing my peplum top from Topshop and wine coloured jeggings from an online store. 
A simple outfit for afternoon coffee break :D

Interior of the cafe

Their minimalist styled menu ;)

I've never been an avid coffee drinker so I ordered the small cup of latte thinking that its lesser and easier to finish.
Boy was I wrong!
Alex's big cup was way better for someone who can't take too much bitterness :'(
Its a great place for coffee lovers but for me, I guess I just love the ambience.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Outfit// Jet Black

Hi! Sorry I have not been updating as regularly as I want to because I'm working on something exciting coming in November!!! ;) Went to the salon with my sister cos she wanted to perm her hair again. I recently revived my dying curls so I didn't do anything at the salon. It was quite a long wait for me so I ended up watching hair braiding tutorials on Youtube to pass time. Decided to try out the easiest rope braid to go with my outfit. Trust me when I say this is the easiest! Hahaha... 

I've been into black and darker shades of recent.. I'm loving this dress is special because it has an open back design and drape shoulders, perfect for any occasion! Simple as it may look, its actually a very flattering cut because of the cinched waist. I paired it with metal accessories, shoes and bag with silver accents. But of course, you can also pair it with metal cuffs or lace up boots with gold accents for a edgy cool look or even embellished sandals for a more bohemian take on the dress. It comes in Cobalt Blue, and Dream Cream as well, do stay tuned for it! ;)

Have a good Friday everyone!

Dress:, Wedges: Bangkok, 
Bag: Online Store, Metal Necklace: Talisman's

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Outfit // Leaving on a jetplane

Loving the wine coloured leggings that are just so in trend for fall! I knew I had to get it the moment I laid my eyes on it and the cut is very flattering because it makes my thighs look slimmer which is a huge bonus for me ;) The monochrome floral blazer was also love at first sight! But my fingers weren't fast enough and ended waiting for the backorder. It was definitely worth the wait because it adds that pizazz to any outfit! With highwaisted shorts, layer over a simple skater dress or even with a maxi skirt! I paired mine with simple wine coloured jeggings. How would you pair it? ;)

wearing: monochrome floral blazer, basic black tank top, wine coloured jeggings, black heels from Far East Plaza, black shades from Charles & Keith, gold watch from Puma, black bag from Taiwan

Welcome! :)

Say hello to my new blog! I've decided to switch to using blogger for my blog because its easier for me to navigate as compared to tumblr. I will still "tumble" from time to time just that this will be my main blog instead. I will try my best to update my blog as often as I can, but you know how time consuming it is. Often getting down to blog is easier said than done :P I must be more disciplined! :)