Friday, 18 January 2013

Life's Little Surprises!

Happy 2nd Anniversary Alex!!!
Can't believe time flies! It's been 2 years already?
We've had our share of ups and downs, our journey hasn't been an easy one,
having to deal with obligations, things people say,
how others think they know us but in actual fact,
they don't know a thing.
All these drama and of course had to deal with new things that came our way,
news that were not so pleasant,
news that were pleasant and of course,
getting the keys to OUR NEW HOUSE!
That has got to be the BEST news hahaha...
Thank you for always being by my side,
standing on my side no matter what outsiders say and judge.
Thank you for standing by me this important year 2012.
Its been a year of new beginnings for us :)
From setting up a new online store called SHECAPTIVATES to setting up a ballet school in collaboration wth my long time ballet mate.
For our anniversary celebration, Alex brought me to this lovely brunch place called House at Dempsey.
Brunch starts at 11am but we were a tad early so we explored the surroundings before heading to the restaurant.
Alex ordered the braised pork buns aka "Kong Ba Pau" while I had the French toast with a surprise center hahaha...
I liked what Alex ordered but for mine, I found it alittle too sweet after awhile.
Granted, it was loaded with lots of berry goodness and antioxidants etc..
Perfect for sharing in my opinion :)
All of a sudden, I saw this guy holding a huge bouquet of roses!
I thought he was heading to the table behind us but to my surprise,
he headed straight for me!
Turns out that Alex had arranged for the bouquet to be delivered while we were having brunch!
Such a LOVELY surprise!!! :D
Thanks Alex!!!, you certainly made my day!
Happy Anniversary dear! :)

Enough of words, let pictures do the talking! 
Alec attempting the "carry the sign" pose LOL

My OOTD for the day: Wearing Audrey Pleated Maxi Skirt in Yellow & Floral Bralet from Topshop. Audrey Pleated Maxi is available in Pink, Camel, Black & Navy!

Time for the food to appear!

Berry filled French Toast

Braised Pork Buns

Till then!~

Sunday, 6 January 2013


We went there on boxing day and counted down to 2013 at Xi Men Ding :)Happy 2013!!!
I just came back from my long awaited trip to Taiwan with my family! ♥♥♥
 Out of the three times I've been to Taiwan, this one's my favourite so far.
I'll be uploading more pictures from my trip soon hehe (or when I find the time =P)
Anyway, FORESTRY is a simple look I wore a day after coming back from Taiwan.
You can say its like a "perk me up" haha yeah I need nice clothes to chase away my post holiday syndrome.
Yea, I'm superficial like that LOL!!! 
Wore this to check out the progress of the renovation of my new home!
Seeing all the little details and designs that Alex and I have planned take shape is really quite exciting!
You can sense my excitement through my extensive use of !!! LOL...
We're hoping to move in before Chinese New Year *fingers crossed*
My forest green studded blouse was a birthday gift from my little sister :)
She picked it out for me while we were shopping at 313's Forever 21 and he was saying "I have good taste right?" LOL... Yeah, I'll admit she does. ;)
My "Morgan" Leather Skirt is from SHECAPTIVATES which is currently only available in BROWN which is also nice. However, we do have another black leather skirt in a flattering skater cut called "JACQUELINE"
Do check it out!
Till then~