Sunday, 6 January 2013


We went there on boxing day and counted down to 2013 at Xi Men Ding :)Happy 2013!!!
I just came back from my long awaited trip to Taiwan with my family! ♥♥♥
 Out of the three times I've been to Taiwan, this one's my favourite so far.
I'll be uploading more pictures from my trip soon hehe (or when I find the time =P)
Anyway, FORESTRY is a simple look I wore a day after coming back from Taiwan.
You can say its like a "perk me up" haha yeah I need nice clothes to chase away my post holiday syndrome.
Yea, I'm superficial like that LOL!!! 
Wore this to check out the progress of the renovation of my new home!
Seeing all the little details and designs that Alex and I have planned take shape is really quite exciting!
You can sense my excitement through my extensive use of !!! LOL...
We're hoping to move in before Chinese New Year *fingers crossed*
My forest green studded blouse was a birthday gift from my little sister :)
She picked it out for me while we were shopping at 313's Forever 21 and he was saying "I have good taste right?" LOL... Yeah, I'll admit she does. ;)
My "Morgan" Leather Skirt is from SHECAPTIVATES which is currently only available in BROWN which is also nice. However, we do have another black leather skirt in a flattering skater cut called "JACQUELINE"
Do check it out!
Till then~

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