Monday, 8 December 2014

Hightea At Hotel Fort Canning

Went for hightea at Hotel Fort Canning with my friend Belle on Monday.
Its my day off and she's having her school holidays now; 
she teaches in a school so we thought, why not? :)

The journey there was quite an eventful one.
I picked her up at her home and on my way there, it started to pour like crazy!
There were flash floods along the way and I was so scared that something will happen to the car! 
The water from the flash floods were going into the private houses along lowland road.
I guess that's why they named the place lowland road :/
Anyway, there was also a tree that fell and the a 3 lane road became a 1 lane road cos one of the cars was trapped in the flood and that took up a lane.
The water came up to half wheel, my break lights came on and I was really scared that the car will stop or something...   
I told myself to keep calm, continue driving slowly and take a different route, 
let the water wash out of the engine or anywhere it went into earlier..

Finally made it to pick her and off we went to Hotel Fort Canning for our hightea in the park.
Though it was a rainy day, the hotel looks beautiful; cosy and luxurious interiors, full of old world charm.
The restaurant we had the hightea was not located in the main building so we had to walk out to the lawn area to access the restaurant.
We were ushered in by a very warm service staff who recommended us to get one set to share instead of two to try other items on their menu.
So we tried their chef's recommendation; cappuccino truffle mushroom soup.  

Here's our spread, everything in bite sized miniatures.

The hightea set included coffee/ tea so we had the TWG tea and chose the Earl Grey.

Sweets consisting of mini macarons and sugar rolls
The cappuccino truffle mushroom soup was so fragrant and tasty!

After the hightea, we took a little stroll around the hotel.

Wore my favourite midi skirt from AforArcade, I have this in almost all colours!
Yes, I'm that OBSESSED. 
Paired it with a striped top and since it was a rainy day, I finally wore my rain boots with ice cream socks! haha!

While this was not one of the most delicious food I've had,
the company, ambience and warm service by their service staff made up for far more than just good food.
Some places have very good food with bad service so what't the point right?
It cost us less than $50 for two for an afternoon of light bites in the lush green surroundings of beautiful Fort Canning Hotel.  

Have a lovely Monday!