Monday, 21 October 2013

[OUTFIT] Wandering through the Past

I'm a huge fan of cupcakes and when I chanced upon Plain Vanilla Bakery at old Tiong Bahru estate, I decided to try their chocolate ganache flavor. 
It was delicious simply because the chocolate is not the uber sweet till your teeth fall out kind of chocolate, but the semi sweet kind. 
I think it's cos it had a unique topping which had a nutty taste, it went very well with the chocolate. 
Subsequently, I tried their red velvet, strawberry, chocolate chip, salted caramel etc.. Basically I became a fan of plain vanilla's cupcakes! <3                   

I went there after my classes to get my does of cupcakes and while we were there, decided to walk around the place a little bit, have some coffee and take some outfit photos too. 
My dress is from SheCaptivates, I paired it with a plaid shirt which I tied around my waist to give the dress some shape, Spikey boots, felt fedora and my studded bag pack I got from Taiwan.

The dress is sold out, but SheCaptivates has newly launched the "top" version of this sellout dress. Get yours here:
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2) Blue:

Dress: SheCaptivates, Bagpack: Taiwan, Fedora: Rubi, Plaid Shirt: Uniqlo Men's 

[OUTFIT] Chasing Sunlight

We were looking for a place that suited out theme of "urban luxe" and found this place with a very old school flight of stairs for a outdoor shoot for SheCaptivates.
Its like metallic luxe amidst the old, somewhat derelict surroundings.
I've always loved pictures I see on Instagram or online whereby the sunlight casts a golden glow on the person.
I'm really glad for the gorgeous evening sun on the day of the shoot that I too had a chance to take such photos whereby my hair would catch the sun and cast a golden glow! 
I love them and I'm happy! 


I'm wearing a gold top from SheCaptivates paired with a leather skirt and necklace for an urban luxe feel. 
Completed the look with my black ankle strap heels.

The top is also available in Platinum.
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2) Platinum:

Skirt: SheCaptivates// Necklace: Forever 21// Heels: Zara// Moto Jacket: Miss Selfridge

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

[OUTFIT] October's Adventures

Flock cafe in quaint Tiong Bahru Estate is perfect for afternoon tea away from the hustle and bustle. 
We planned to go get some delicious cupcakes from Plain Vanilla Bakery cos they sell out really fast! 
Any later and there'll be no more! 
So after getting them, we were deciding which cafe to go for some drinks, and finally settled on Flock. 
Alex has suggested this place a few times but I wasn't really a coffee lover and these cafes usually have lots of different kinds of coffee but not much of other drinks. 
But I was glad we went cos we ordered the good o'l Croque Monsieur and it was so yummy! 
Really beyond my expectations! :)
                             Me with my trusty coke zero and look at the cheese!!! 
                                                         Yummilicious! <3
            After all the eating, I am back to doing what I love...taking outfit pictures!

I'm wearing a basic cropped black top from Topshop and shoe print skort from Dip Drops.
Added my wine red blazer from Cotton On and a necklace that resembled a peterpan collar!  Completed my look with my favourite brown satchel from H&M and patent loafers.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

[OUTFIT] Sweet Vintage

I've always liked vintage styled dresses and peterpan collars. When I saw this dress at Dorothy Perkins, it was love at first sight! The prints, shift dress cut and peterpan collar, I was sold! <3 I'm not very tall so it was actually a little long for me, I had it hemmed and also took in the sides a little but not too much so it still had the shift dress cut. I paired it with a little bow for a touch of whimsy and a pair of vintage inspired shoes that reminds me of a cupcake because of its scallop trimmings. I wore this outfit for my sister's birthday dinner at Fish & Co.    
 Dress: Dorothy Perkins, Shoes: Trois & Inch, Bow Clip: Talismans, Bag: Charles & Keith

Yay FOOD!!!
My sis and me :)
 My lovelies!
 Ever so yummy, Danish Fish & Chips for my sis & me!
 Seafood Platter for my friends!

We headed to Canele for desserts and the birthday cake because my sis didn't want to stand on the chair at Fish & Co while the crew sang the birthday song for her hahaha!
 The pretty birthday girl & lovely Belle :)

 With pretty LaiE :)

Yay group shot!
One darling is missing, she's currently on overseas posting.
We miss you Michelle!!! <3

It was a night fun filled with great company and yummilicious food, I love you all!
Family and friends who will always be there for you.<3

Have a lovely Wednesday!

[OUTFIT] Twirling & Spinning to Summer's Song


These photos were taken for SheCaptivates outdoor lookbook when we launched our Lost & Found Collection. These are some of my favourite shots :) I've always loved vintage style, so the pieces I modeled for for this collection all had some vintage element to it. I remember while growing up, I loved rummaging through my mom and dad's old photos to see how they were like in their younger days and I loved some outfits my mom wore in those pictures! Those days where the full umbrella midi skirts and high waisted jeans were all the rage my my my! Even high waisted bikini bottoms have made a comeback. I don't have a particular style I stick to, I like to change styles but one style I find myself coming back to the most often is the vintage, retro style. Hahaha... Anyway, I had lots of fun at this shoot cos the evening sun was great and I had fun twirling and spinning to get the perfect shot. Tired of smiling? Never! :D

This Polkadot denim dress is also available in light wash.
Get yours here:


Sunday, 22 September 2013

[OUTFIT] Traipsing By The Quay

Alex and I went for a weekend staycation at Fullerton Hotel in June where I had the chance to take break from work. Alex had this special corporate rate so we thought, why not? :)

So glad to have this staycation cos ever since my mom brought my sis and me to her office and we walked through Fullerton when we were kids, I loved the beautiful grand staircase and the exterior décor of the hotel! As a kid, I was really fascinated with the revolving door, it always seemed to fun to go through it :D I even wanted to walk down the pretty grand staircase in my wedding gown! Talk about childhood dreams haha! But of course, I didn't hold my wedding there, we held it at Singapore flyer :D
We even had the chocolate buffet! Yummy!! But I will save that post for another time.

These photos were taken after an awesome alfresco breakfast along Singapore River! Though the haze condition in Singapore was quite bad then, it didn't dampen our spirits nor did it deter us from choosing alfresco seating :)

Wearing Becky Tropical Printed Blouse from SheCaptivates, highwaisted paperbag shorts from Dip Drops, sandals from Charles and Keith.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

[OUTFIT] Sweet Macarons

Sweet Macarons is a look for a lookbook photoshoot with SheCaptivates. This outfit is basically me putting together some of my favourite pieces from the collection and adding my own touches to complete the outfit. We went to an old school carpark to shoot, the place was quite nostalgic. I'm wearing "Kelsey" multiway pinafore which has detachable straps and deliciously "Deliciuex" top! When I saw that top, I was spazzing. I know, I know, what?!?! but yea I have a soft spot for dessert prints on clothing. :) I even bought this ice-cream printed shortsfrom Forever 21 which I haven't worn. There are some days I feel like being all girly and vintage and there are also days where the edgier side of me comes out. I guess today is just one of my retrolicious pinup girl days where I put on Bruce Spring Springsteen's Hungry Heart and start dancing and twirling around. ;)
Happy Midweek!