Thursday, 19 September 2013

[OUTFIT] Sweet Macarons

Sweet Macarons is a look for a lookbook photoshoot with SheCaptivates. This outfit is basically me putting together some of my favourite pieces from the collection and adding my own touches to complete the outfit. We went to an old school carpark to shoot, the place was quite nostalgic. I'm wearing "Kelsey" multiway pinafore which has detachable straps and deliciously "Deliciuex" top! When I saw that top, I was spazzing. I know, I know, what?!?! but yea I have a soft spot for dessert prints on clothing. :) I even bought this ice-cream printed shortsfrom Forever 21 which I haven't worn. There are some days I feel like being all girly and vintage and there are also days where the edgier side of me comes out. I guess today is just one of my retrolicious pinup girl days where I put on Bruce Spring Springsteen's Hungry Heart and start dancing and twirling around. ;)
Happy Midweek!

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