Friday, 6 September 2013


I've been taking photos at this place recently, its cos I really like the lighting and the effect of the photos.

For this outfit, I bought my Aztec print cropped top from Topshop. What caught my eye were the colours! Not the usual black and white for Aztec prints. Honestly, I wasn't much of a fan of Aztec prints when it first became popular. It was on my "I won't ever wear this" list  but one day, I just thought 'what the heck, I'll just give it a shot'. That's how fashion is sometimes right? Like you think you'd never try this style but you'll never know if something suits you or doesn't suit you until you try.
Fashion is supposed to be fun! :)

Anyway, I decided to try it and I've never looked back ever since! :) I paired the cropped top with a simple black side slit maxi skirt that isn't easy to find at all. I've been searching for a straight cut black maxi skirt for the longest time and boy was I glad I finally found this piece at Cache Cache and at a SALE price of $20 yay!!!
Its not easy to find something that will fit wide hips and not cling on.
Cotton On had these long straight cut maxi skirts at one point and to my dismay, it didn't flatter me at all and so, I had to give it miss and continued my search.
Completed my look with wedge sneakers from Rubi and snapback cap which unfortunately SNAPPED! BOO! :( Hahaha...
I guess I'll just have to find a way to glue it back then. Wish me luck cos it snapped at the portion where you adjust the size.

So glad I don't have to work today cos its teacher's day! :D
SheCaptivates is launching a new collection tomorrow 7 Sept'13 at 7pm (GMT+8), our preview is up here!
Please please support! :D 

TGIF everyone! <3

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