Monday, 25 April 2016

IRRESISTIBLE ME - RUBY Auto-Rotating Curler Review

I'm back from my little hiatus with something a little different from my usual fashion and travel posts on the blog.

Today I'm going to share a review on the Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotating Curler.
Hair can either make or break an outfit don't you think?
Who doesn't like good hair days? I know I definitely do and with the right tools, 
it just makes things so much easier.

Let's take a look! :) 
This is the Irresistible Me Ruby Auto-Rotating Curler,
I received it just a over a week after it was being sent out.
It was delivered via DHL which provided extra security cos parcel tracking was included.
I was so excited to finally unwrap the parcel!

First impression always counts and this baby definitely made a good one.
The curler came in a sleek black box with a magnetic closure and it was securely packaged cos there wasn't any damage considering it survived the entire trip halfway across the world.

  Irresistible Me is a company based in New York, USA which sells mainly things related to hair. From 100% real hair extensions, wigs, accessories to hair tools.  
You name it, they've got it.
The curler comes with a clamp which holds your hair securely while curling.
The curler is long which is good for those with long hair, but light weight at the same time which is a huge plus point cos you wouldn't want achy arms after curling you hair right?

Specifications of the curler:
  • Automatic Curling Iron with Auto Recovery Function 
  • Comes with 2 curl directions clearly indicated
  • Ceramic Barrel fused with Tourmaline and Diamond coating 
  • Fast heating technology (<1 Min), with 4 temperature settings to choose from           
  • Auto shut off safety feature 
  • Universal voltage
  • 2.5m and 360 degrees rotating power cord
  • 26mm barrel   

I especially liked the auto rotating function cos unlike conventional curlers, I don't have to twist the curler around and deal with a tangled cord. The fast heat up function is also a huge plus point, it takes <1 minute to heat up! 
So it basically speeds up the entire curling process. 
The tourmaline gemstone being a natural source of negative ions, help eliminate frizz and lock in moisture thus creating smooth shiny curls every single time. The diamond coating also enhances heat transfer and durability.
It also has an auto shut off feature which provides extra safety while using the product.

Time for some pictures! 
This is me with my straight hair before using the Ruby curler

In the process of curling my hair by sections.
This is advisable as you won't achieve the desired curls if you curl your hair in a big bunch.

Still in the midst of curling my hair but you can start to see the curls forming 

Tadah, all done!
I added a flower crown to complement the curls

Right side curls

Left side curls

Figuring out how to use the curler wasn't difficult but if you need further assistance, you can also refer to the instruction manual inside the box.
The curl directions are clearly stated 'R' & 'L'.
The red button is the reset button which you press to allow the curler to return to its original position to help you achieve even curls every time.
There is a LED temperature indicator which shows which temperature setting you're at and you can increase and decrease the temperature depending on your preference.
The power off button is also located next to the temperature adjustment buttons.  

The Irresistible Me Auto Rotating Ruby Curler is retailing for $119 on their website.
I know that it's not the cheapest curler out there given the wide variety that's easily available for us but it's definitely worth the money for the quality and how it takes care of my hair in spite of the heat treatment.

I really loved using the curler and will definitely recommend this to all fellow hair fanatics out there cos it helped achieve my desired look sans the hassle and cumbersome electrical cords!  
P.S: Don't worry about the plug, simply use an international adapter and you're all set to have a curling good time ;)

Check out IrresistibleMe here!

Have a fabulous week ahead,
Till next time! 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

La Vie en Rose

La vie en Rose,
a classic by french songstress Edith Piaf is no stranger to us.
Most of us would've heard her version or another at least once in our lives.
It's definitely a song that's in repeat mode on my playlist!

Inspired by the pretty hues of one of Pantone's colour of the year; Rose Quartz, 
I immediately fell in love with this drop waist number from online retailer HerVelvetVase.
The perfect dress for Sunday brunch out and about Tiong Bahru estate avec mon mari.
I decided to add a touch of french flair to my outfit with a cute polkadot scarf tied around my neck ala Grace Kelly. 
Since the weather has been a killer these days, a messy bun is almost a no brainer choice for hairstyle and it goes great with almost any look!

Dress: HerVelvetVase
Bag: Mango
Shoes: H&M (Past Season)
Scarf: H&M (Past Season)
Sunnies: Sabre

Till next time!~