Tuesday, 4 February 2014

[OUTFIT] Help! Leopards wanna eat me!

Tuesday... a simple lunch at Takashimaya's  Ramen. I really wasn't feeling very well with the dry cough and sore throat so I didn't order my usual tomyum soup base but went for the Hokkaido soup base instead.

The soup base looks like the usual soup base but it's slightly less salty and a little more sweet? Maybe due to the corn.. But I'm not complaining cos I love corn!

Wanted to check out Michael Kors for their brown satchel bag, contemplating if I should buy that or a brown Cambridge satchel. I recently threw my H&M one away cos it had some mold on it. Yucks. I tried to clean it but the musty smell lingered so I just threw it away. 

Anyway, I haven't decided but it's more on the 40% buy, 60% don't buy ratio right now. You know how sometimes you think you like something but after giving it some thought, you realize you don't really like it that much anymore? Yea, that's kinda what's happening right now. :/

Help! "The leopard wants to eat me" is today's OOT:D hehe

Alright, time to start work soon. Hope you are having a good Tuesday so far! :)

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  1. Awesome outfit and cool pics :D
    Super nice Blog