Monday, 21 April 2014

Etsy Shopping + Haul!

I've heard so much about shopping on Etsy but never really gotten down to checking it out. 
So imagine my delight when I noticed one of my Instagram friends; Melanie aka @femmedebloom actually operates an Etsy shop selling all her handmade jewelry!
I knew I had to go check her shop out!
And that's where I ordered my very first items from her shop :)

Her shop is based in California so the shipment took about 2-3weeks to arrive.

Since it was my 1st order, I wasn't sure how the items were like so I only ordered this item and I totally loved it!

Outfit with this sweet and cute necklace!
Was in the retrolicious pinup girl mood so I wore my polkadot bustier dress and layered it with a mustard cardi to keep warm!
Hahaha! Tried out the bow bun for the first time and turns out that it went really well with the outfit!
Wore the heart necklace!

Here's a pic of me with my 
LLao LLao yoghurt!

My sister and I combined our orders for my 2nd time purchasing from her store! 
Yay!! The parcel has finally arrived!!!
Very nicely packed and sealed box to ensure all articles arrive intact.

I think this is a huge plus point for me cos some local online stores ship their items without proper packaging and what the customers received is cracked and spoilt.

For clothes, it's still ok cos Singpost will repackage the item in their ziplock bags. But I'm talking about bags and accessories.
I ordered a Perspex perfume bottle bag from a local online store recently. 
I waited so long for it to arrive and was so excited when it finally arrived!
But guess what?
To my utter disappointment, the bag was packed in only ONE thin layer of bubble wrap and it totally cracked during mailing.
Speaking of which, I have yet to contact the shop regarding this. Pfft!!

Okay, enough of my ranting.
What I'm saying is that, Melanie really takes time and effort to pack each item properly and nicely and mails the parcel out in a box!

I've categorized our purchases into 2 categories to share hehe! :P

Now for the 1st category:

Take a look at these items:
Every single item is packed individually in pretty packages

Cute retrolicious earrings 
Pretty vintage floral earrings
Cute as a cupcake Minnie ring!
Whimsical Tour de Eiffel necklace 
Rexie wants a piece of the action!
Saw me taking photos and came around to sniff out my etsy haul like a boss!
Mel's handwritten thank you note for my purchases :)
Such a sweetie!

Next category!

Once again, look at the individually packed pieces!
Really applaud Melanie for her effort!
Super cute Minnie Mouse necklace!
Daisy Fever with this dainty daisy necklace 
Matchy Matchy daisy ring!
Snow White earring set
Dainty rose necklace
Matchy Matchy rose hairpins
My sis loved my first purchase that she wanted one of this heart Eiffel necklace for herself too!

You must be thinking we are crazy to buy so many items at one go! 
But it was because Melanie was having a special celebratory discount for her store so we went all out jewelry frenzy!!!
That's what happens when you put two girls together! >.<

Here are some outfit photos of me wearing the super cute Minnie Mouse necklace!
It was definitely Minnie Mania for me 
that day!
Wearing one of my favourite hair accessories of all time!
It adds a cute and fun element to any outfit and it also helps to hide growing roots that are dying for a visit to my hairstylist ;D

One of my fave hairdos of all time!

Got this Minnie Mouse Tee from Bossini cos they're having this Mickey & Minnie series now. 
Being a fan of the pair, I had to get it!!!

To make it less kiddish, I paired it with a lime yellow midi from AforArcade for a more quirky and eclectic look.
Completed my look with studded oxfords and bag.

Here are some pics of me wearing the whimsical Eiffel Tower necklace :)

Kept things simple with a Eiffel Tower tank from H&M and black swing skirt from Bangkok.
Completed the look with studded sandals and studded bag. 
Yes, cliche matchy matchy me!
We were doing some planning for our trip to Europe so I decided to get into the whole 'Paris' mood by wearing this outfit!
And I totally loved it!

Femmedebloom Etsy Shop
P.S: This is not a paid advert or anything, I just wanted to share about my haul and etsy shopping! :)

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!

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