Thursday, 11 June 2015

[OUTFIT] Florals & Pastels X Joe & Dough

Mondays are my favourite days cos they're my day off! :)
I work on weekends and can't spend time with my loved ones then, so its during the weekdays that I get to spend time with them.
Like today, I accompanied my mom while she ran errands for my dad's company and we'll usually chat and bond over these late lunches/ cafe dates.



I'm trying to grow out my fringe cos I've had bangs for the longest time and I felt like I needed a change though I really loved having bangs.
You know that growing stage can be rather annoying cos your bangs are neither here nor there. Too short to be side swept, too long to be worn as it is cos it pokes your eyes?
Yea, tell me about it!
So, I've decided to try out this braided fringe hairstyle to keep my bangs out of my eyes and I curled my hair for a more feminine look to match my outfit :)    
Mom's OOTD
 Very stylish for her age! ;)
My mom favourite footwear are loafers. 
She has so many different pairs, in different styles cos she says they are comfy and stylish.


Initially, I wanted to bring my mom to Patisserie G at Millenia Walk to try their Lemon Tart but it was pretty crowded when we walked past the cafe and decided to give it a miss and try out Joe & Dough instead.
It was a good call cos the cafe was not crowded and had a very comfortable feel to it and the best part? It's not crowded so you can basically enjoy an afternoon with a good book and a nice cuppa without anyone disturbing you.

The cafe had lemon tart so we ordered that, shared a sandwich while I had my coffee fix and she had an iced hazelnut latte.
I'll have to admit, pretty latte art makes me happy :)

Floral Off Shoulder Top: MDS Collections
Pink Culottes: FashMob
Ankle Strap Heels: Zara
Wooden Clutch: Love, Bonito

White Vest: TaoBao
White Embroidery Tank: Forever21
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Bag: Promod
Necklace: Lovisa Jewellery
Loafers: TaoBao

Till next time!
Have a lovely day :)

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