Thursday, 23 July 2015

La Fleur de Nuit

  Evenings after work are best spent with those close to heart.
You can just be yourself without the need for incessant chatter and small talk, 
simply unwind over a cup of coffee and some magazines at your favourite cafe.

On this summer's evening, I've chosen to don this monochrome floral midi dress for our little cafe date.

A signature item never gives itself away.
It's timeless.
It transcends fashion.

- How to be Parisian Wherever You Are

I have a penchant for moto jackets, I absolutely love them for their versatility!
As much as I like coloured moto jackets, I think having one in black is a must. 
It's classic, timeless and can be paired with so many different outfits.

I've brought this particular piece with me on so many of my trips, it has become my 'go to' piece when it comes to choice of outerwear.
Of course, knowing me I'd usually bring more than one piece of outerwear depending on the climate of the country I'm travelling to.

Unfortunately, the weather in sunny Singapore doesn't really allow for us to wear much outerwear, even less of leather ones but that doesn't hinder my love for them.
So every time the weather is slightly cooler, you can be sure I'll be taking my chances!
I'd definitely classify this moto jacket as my signature item ;)

Photographed by Alex Liang

Dress: AForArcade
Moto Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Heels: Charles & Keith
Ring: Lovisa

Hope you find your signature piece soon!
Have a lovely day! :)

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