Thursday, 5 November 2015

Versatility is A State of Mind

With temperatures at a perpetual high on our sunny little island, it's safe to say we wish for cooler temperatures. With the recent haze issue where we feel like being stuck in a slow pressure cooker, breathing in the burnt smell without the view of blue skies, I think we are all pretty happy that we are able to see blue skies again!   

I'm celebrating the return of the blue skies and hot evening sun in this outfit.
I've always liked floral prints and have been looking for a structured and unique tube top.
I was thrilled when I finally found this one from MDS Collections cos I really liked the asymmetrical hemline and the 'V' neckline.
I wanted a clean and sleek look so I paired it with a pair of white culottes and 
I also chose accessories that brought out the rich jewel tones of the top. 
The rich jewel tones of the top, bag and earrings are    !

Close up of the pretty tropical floral prints and this gorgeous quilted bag in a 
luxurious shade of royal purple! 

I like that this outfit is more versatile than it seems!
It's perfect for a beach holiday by swapping those heels with pretty sandals and the quilted bag for a straw bag and not forgetting the floppy hat to protect our face from the sun.
It's also good for a casual shopping day when paired with some ballerina flats or made more corporate friendly by adding a structured blazer.
The top can also be tucked into a high waist maxi skirt and look like gown for attending weddings.

I'll be sure to try out these outfit ideas soon!

Top: MDS Collections
Culottes: Cheris
Bag & Earrings: C/O O'oro Accessories
Silver Heels: Charles & Keith

Have a fabulous mini Friday!

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