Sunday, 21 July 2013

I ❤ Taiwan - Day 4!

We all woke up bright and early today for Cing Jing Farm! We went to see the sheep shearing show and frolicked around the beautiful lush green pastures to take photos. There were activities like horseback riding at only NT100, it was quite fun but I don't know maybe the mare that I rode was alittle older so it was kind of wobbly when she walked around. There were so many pretty horses and I even saw one that looked like "AppleJack" from My Little Pony! :) As usual, my mom's totally at ease and enjoying her horseback riding experience. We also got to feed the sheep because my dad went to buy some food pellets. Honestly, I was freaked out cos the sheep hungrily gobbled everything from your palm and it felt so ticklish and icky at the same time! My sister and mom were pros though, they had so much fun and I just resigned myself to taking photos after awhile cos I can't take the "feeling" anymore. It wasn't so bad :)

     The lush green pastures and clear blue skies were a perfect backdrop
 for being shutter happy! 
 It was such a gorgeous winter day! 
Apple Jack!

Time for horse back riding

Look at my freaked out face. 
Even the sheep is caught in the act of shaking its head *tsk tsk*

And the naturals...
Natural #1

Natural #2

Feed meeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh.......~~~

At almost noon, we checked out of our hotel and set off for Taipei. Encounters to Taipei, we visited an old street called "Lu Gang Lao Old Street" in Zhanghua. This was an important port during the Qing Dynasty and they have streets that were so narrow only enough for one person to cross. They were built this way to fend off battles with pirates in the early days. Now, it's more like a historical place where you can see how life was back then and enjoy some local street food and of course visit temples if you're a believer. But for us, it was more of enjoying the atmosphere of the old street. 

This smelly tofu is everywhere in Taiwan! No matter which part of Taiwan you go, be it Taipei, TaiChung or Tainan, there always this dish! And you will see us running away from it cos it smells like the sewer. know people will say, you have to try it! It's their national delicacy! I just can't bring myself to get anywhere near it much less near my mouth and ingesting it hahaha...

  Enjoying our ice cream on a rather warm winter day! :)

 The very narrow alleys along the old street

       Pretty sunset on our way back to the car to head to Taipei! <3

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  1. enjoyed all your photos! looks like you had lots of fun!