Friday, 16 August 2013

I ❤ Taiwan - Day 8!

Yes, it the final and last day of our Taiwan tour...:( We've really enjoyed ourselves tremendously the last 8days. Couldn't have asked for more then to spend time with those closest to heart and sharing all these with them is simply family bliss. Today we checked out of our hotel and set off to the iconic "FIVE AND DIME" Restaurant in Taipei. Why do I say this place is iconic? The external architecture of the place was so unique! One can't tell that its a restaurant from the outlook. Turns out that this restaurant's interior design is also very artistic! There are art exhibits all around the restaurant. Off we go for lunch!    
 The exterior of the restaurant 
 Cool staircase
 The food was quite yummy! 
 Family pic before heading to our next destination
Next up, we headed to the Ying Ge Pottery Town aka 台灣新北市陶瓷小鎮-鶯歌區 for a short tour before our evening flight. Here, we tried our hand at pottery making and it was all soft, gooey and fun at the same time!
Getting ready in apron and arty beret ;)

Pushing the edges out to create the wavy mouth of my vase

After your clay has taken shape, you can proceed to draw anything you want on it! 

Elysia busy designing her Aztec bowl

After we were done, we arranged for our finished product to be mailed to us and we went out to explore the town.

OOTD - Today's slightly warmer, so I tried the knee high socks look and paired it with my ballerina sweater, layered over a red turtleneck and leather skirt from SheCaptivates. 

 Elysia's preppy styled OOTD
Okay, coffee break before heading to the airport!
This is our tourguide Bao Ge, enjoying his coffee float hahaha :D

Home sweet home~
Bye Taiwan, we love you!


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