Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tony's Pizza

Been craving for pizza for the past few days! 
So we went to Shakey's Pizza on Friday but we were too late! :( 
We arrived at 9pm but the manager told us they were closed for the day... 
I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into one of their delicious pan tossed pizzas but too bad :/

Usually after my work on weekends, there's really not much dining options left. 
The usual would be Punggol Nasi Lemak or MacDonalds. 
But Alex knew how much I wanted to eat pizza so he suggested trying out this fairly new pizza place along River Valley Road; Tony's Pizza.

The pizzeria has a very casual cool vibe that's just great for chilling over drinks with friends :) 
Their selection include the usual canned drinks, iced lemon tea, pink lemonade, lemonade or beer. 
You can also order delicious sides such as wings, fries or wedges to go along! 
You have the choice of ordering the pizza by slice, half a pizza or the whole pizza! 

There are special "After School" promos for students & "Lunch Promos" which lasts from 11-3pm to check out too.

Here's a look at the place!
Very easy to find cos it's located right at the traffic junction. 
You won't miss it ;)

The interior of the pizzeria 
They make the pizza fresh with every order of half or whole pizzas so its always deliciously hot when it arrives at your table!
They have both indoor and outdoor seating area. 

Here's what we ordered!
10pc Wings with "Mild" level of spiciness which is very very yummy! 
Looking at the picture makes me crave for it even more OMG... 
The sauce or should I say, the seasoning was very unique. 
It had a tangy yet tasty flavor that's pretty unforgettable! 
Though it's "Mild", the after taste was spicy enough for us. 
We didn't venture into the "Hot" or "Atomic" category LOL~ 
You can try if you're brave! ;) 
Tongue will most probably be on FIRE!!! >.<

My usual tired self after a 12 hour work day

Our pizza's here!
Alex ordered the Meat Lovers single slice pizza which is a combi of different meats.

I ordered a simple cheese lovers single slice pizza with only cheese

Took some pics with the posters before leaving :)

"Kua Si Mi?!" aka "whatcha looking at?!"
Thank you for sending me to and fro from work and bringing me to eat yummy dinners after my work every week! 

Tony's Pizza
Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun 11am - 11pm

You can be sure that we will be going back for their uberlicious wings soon! ;)

Have a lovely midweek!

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