Monday, 17 March 2014

Get Snap, Blingo! Project Launch by VanityTrove

Went to the Get, Snap, Blingo! Project Launch on 5th March.
I was pleasantly surprised when I received an invitation to a beauty event since I usually blog more about my outfits and gastronomy escapades.
What really attracted me to this event was the colourful invitation poster and the theme;
Modern Hippie Chic!
First thought that came to my mind?
How fun it'll be to dress to the theme and it will also be so cool to see many fashionistas all decked in boho chic!

Take a look at the very colourful invitation poster!
But this was my first beauty event so naturally I felt kinda nervous cos I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know anyone...
*butterflies in stomach*
But I was so glad to meet Jerlene on the way to Zouk :)

Wow, the dance floor at Zouk transformed into a beauty haven!
Look at the super cute Unicorn balloon sculpture! :)

Attempt at taking a mirror selfie with Jerlene of MusicalHouses,
one of the first people I met at the event or rather while walking to the event!

The DIY gelish station by The Pink Room!
Many girls were trying their hand at doing their own gelish manicure so it was pretty crowded hehe~

Yummy cakes from Emicakes!

Eggless options for lacto-ovo vegetarians

All entries entitled us to a drink so we took a break from all the activities to grab a drink.
In case some of you are wondering am I drinking alcohol?
Nope, that's coke light.
Anyway, while taking a breather, we spotted Rachel Kum, the founder of Rachel K Cosmetics and skincare line!
Talk about being starstruck!
I love her line of cosmetics and skin care especially the "See The Difference" serum!
I really SEE the difference from days where I apply and days where I get alittle bit lazy :P
We asked the bartender to help us get a shot with Rachel and it turned out rather dark...
But then again, I can't expect much from a dimly lit location!
This is already the brighter shot of the two I got.
Maybe I should consider getting a new point and shoot semi-pro?

She's really tall and slim in person and not forgetting gorgeous and friendly too!

I edited the exposure of the picture but the pic is still super grainy!
But at least we got a pic with the beautiful Rachel K, Yay! :)

There was a game going on that night, 
we were given a game card with tasks for us to complete and the winners stand to win very attractive prices like a staycation at Quincy Hotel, 
luxury bag from Reebonz and so on...
The emcee getting ready with Mr Bunny to announce the winners of the GSB challenge!

Some of the other lovely people I met at the event :)

With June, Ena, Zean, Vera & Melissa :)

With lovely Melissa, Jerlene & Yina!

We met Sophie Willocq too! :)

With Francesca Tan!
I just watched the Elite Models Singapore show on tv, 
seeing her in person was kinda cool haha~

With Shenny :)
Don't you just love her headband?
So boho chic!

Gorgeous ladies Samantha, Ashley & Melissa

Photo credits to

With gorgeous Melissa Jane of

With Hui Shan! 

With the smokin' hot Kathleen Kong!

With super cute ChristyFrisbee!
Believe it or not, we met cos I was in love with her blouse and asked for this photo!

Photo credits to
Group shot but you can't see me cos I'm too short! 
Spot the fingers?

What I Wore:
Outfit Planning for the event!
Decided to go with this colourful babushka doll printed chiffon mini dress layered with a studded black vest, both I've had for years hahaha! 
Ahhh...treasures you've long forgotten about till you go on a treasure hunt through your closet!
Completed my look with opaque tights from Topshop, felt fedora from Rubi, Coach Sling bag and Jefferey Campbell inspired Litas!
I'm still contemplating if I should get the authentic ones though...
Should I?? :/

And since I didn't manage to get good outfit shots at the event earlier, took some during supper instead! :)
By "good outfit shots" I mean with acceptable lighting, I look proportionate and visible outfit details.
These are some of the minimum criteria for me when I take outfit photos :) 

Wearing the rings Alex bought me :)

Here's a peek at what's inside the goodie bag from the event! 
Thank you VanityTrove for the generous goodies and the opportunity to meet and mingle with all the lovely ladies from the VT family!

Have a lovely Monday!