Wednesday, 4 June 2014

[FASHION] Inspiration // Mixing Prints

Mixing Prints seems so fun!
Flip the pages of fashion magazines and websites and it's all there.
But it's not for the faint hearted and we definitely do not want to end up looking like a total mess!
Ever wondered how stylists and celebs 
look fabulous and effortlessly chic in this trend?
I've picked out some of my favourite looks from the internet so let's take some style cues from them and fashion sites to get started!

Image Source:

Stripes are the NEW basic!
Image Source: Tory Burch

Mixing Prints of the same colour tone looks like a very good idea!
Image Source:

Image Source:

Fun and colourful chic looks from style icon, 
Elisa Nalin
Image Source:

A super cute and colourful mixing print look from one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Connie Cao!
Image Source:

Here's my attempt at this mixing print trend with my accessories 
e.g.: shoes rather than actual clothing. 

Gingham X Houndstooth

After seeing so many inspiring and colourful mixing print outfits, my first attempt at this trend seems so subtle and almost unnoticeable haha! 
Well I guess that leaves a lot of room for me to improve and have fun experimenting!

Have a lovely Midweek!

Other sources of fashion inspiration:

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