Monday, 18 May 2015

[OUTFIT] Très Chic

It's an open secret that I'm in love with tulle.
Whatever the length; midi, mini or maxi, I simply adore them all!
I credit this to being exposed to all the Disney movies and ballet at a tender age.
Tulle never fails to add that magical touch of whimsy and joy whenever its worn.
I love seeing my students coming to class in all their cute little tulle skirts and they too feel really happy donning these "magic skirts" :)

That being said, tulle can often be deemed as too 'princessy' for daily wear but I beg to differ. It's really about what you pair it with cos a tulle skirt is a really versatile piece to mix and match with!

In this post, I've decided to pair my cobalt blue tulle skirt with a slouchy slogan tee and opted for accessories in basic tones for a laid back yet chic look.  

I love hats and I often feel like my outfit's incomplete without donning one!
My collection is well...quite a collection :P
My next house has to have not just a walk in wardrobe for my clothes but a hat section for all my darlings 

In an enchanting land of winding tendrils and greenery 

Photographed by: Alex Liang (@coffeholicboy)

Tulle Skirt: AForArcade
Bag: Balenciaga 
Wedges: Charles & Keith
Necklace: Lovisa Jewellery

Till the next tulle adventure,
Have a lovely day!

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