Monday, 13 January 2014

Chocolates Anyone?

Chocolate lovers paradise at Wimbly Lu, Jalan Riang or so we thought... Upon entering the cafe, the warm and cosy interior was indeed inviting! But because we didn't make reservations, the only seats left for a table for 2 was right at the entrance. Not that I mind because I can just turn my head and see all the goodies they had to offer without leaving my seat! 

After looking through their menu, we finally decided on the items we wanted to order and called the waitress. 
Alex: 1 baked rice
Staff: Sorry it's all sold out
Alex: Okay.. 2 cottage pies then
Staff: ok

Returns 3 minutes later....

Staff: Sorry the cottage pies are all sold out too.

Alex & I look at each other and ended up ordering fries, chicken nuggets and cheese toasties.
The food came and the cheese toasties were actually those sandwiches you make at home using the sandwich maker. Hmm.... The chicken nuggets were not the typical fast food kind so it was still ok. The fries also ok. 

We've heard so much about they desserts so we decided to try them out. Alex ordered the rootbeer chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream and I ordered the chocolate creme brûlée. If you aren't a rootbeer fan like me, please don't order the rootbeer chocolate cake. It brought back all the bad memories of throwing up after drinking rootbeer as a kid. Eew. If you are a rootbeer fan, please order. I think you will like it. My chocolate creme brûlée was something different but after eating that unforgettable creme brûlée at Grand Park Hyatt Hotel in HCM, this pales in comparison. 

Will we go back to Wimbly Lu? 
Maybe only for tea preferably on a weekday afternoon. 

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