Friday, 17 January 2014

[OUTFIT] Japanese Blooms

Met my mom for lunch at Far East Plaza on Tuesday before work. You know the great thing about staying along the same MRT line means we can meet halfway and make our way to town together! :) Great way to catch up since shifting back to my own home after Alex came back from Aussie last November. 

I'm wearing this chiffon bomber jacket which has Japanese inspired floral prints! Its a piece that's newly launched on SheCaptivates! This one in Blue is my absolute favourite out of the 4 colours available. 
(You can check it out here: Darcie Blue, Darcie PinkDarcie BlackDarcie Cream )

I decided to have some colour blocking fun with this piece by paring it with my mustard yellow origami skort from Bysi. Yes, I know every girl has this pair of skort and you can't walk down Orchard Road without seeing at least 5 people wearing this skort. But its really with good reason this origami skort is so poplular! For me, I love it for its ability to add an interesting edge and style to my outfits. I also love it cos it partially hides my not so small thighs from years of doing ballet. LOL. 

I chose to buy it in mustard yellow because it won't be a popular choice compared to basics like white and black. Granted, pairing clothes might take longer but this mustard yellow goes amazingly well with my blue jacket, making the outfit more interesting :) Kept the rest of the look simple by adding a black necklace from Lovisa, black bag from Charles & Keith and black boots. 

 Closer look of the Japanese inspired florals :)

Met my girlfriends for dinner at Ippudo to satisfy our ramen craving! We went to the outlet at Mohd Sultan instead of the one at Mandarin Gallery cos no need to queue! YAY! :D
They were having this special credit card promo for citibank, spend $30 and you get edamame FREE. Being Singaporeans, we went for it of course! :P Hahahaha......

The lightly salted Edamame which was really quite salty! 
It left us really thirsty afterwards :(
So my suggestion?

The fried corn which we thought was quite a unique side dish.
I think its something like corn tempura?
I love corn complaints here!

Asparagus with wrapped grilled pork

Belle's ramen special

Lai Yee's ramen

Love spicy soup bases for my ramen.

Have I mentioned how convenient it is to meet my mom for lunch especially when she's heading to town too? Haha, we haven't meeting much for the past 2 months cos she was helping Aunty Lai Keow out at the stall. Anyway, she always takes my OOT:D for me, here's Thursday's!

Wearing Darcie bomber jacket but this time in a very pale shade of blush pink.
I heading to work so I just jazzed up my boring work outfit by adding the jacket.
Paired this whole outfit with my maroon wedge sneakers, black necklace and black bag.
Decided to go for gradient colour theme today.   

Alex picked me after work and we headed for a simple dinner at Dian Xiao Er, Marina Square.

Yummy CORN soup!!

The very generous portion of belachan kangkong 

Comfort food, hot plate tofu! 

Oh my goodness, I look so tired >.<

Walked around alittle bit after dinner, wanted to eat LlaoLlao yogurt but was too full! 

Anyway, have a good weekend!

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