Wednesday, 15 January 2014

December's Highlights - Studio M Staycation!

December is truly one of my favourite months of the year! No doubt its also the favourite time of the year for many others :) With Christmas and NYE in the same month, it can get alittle overwhelming with all the gift shopping and preparations etc etc. I'm glad that Alex was able to clear leave during this period and we got to spend some time together during the weekdays. We went for a staycation at Studio M Hotel. Its great because its in a pretty relaxing area, Robertson Quay which is near town but away from the Christmas crowds. *shudders at the thought* We drove there after dropping by Far East to stock up on our rack at Blogshop Empire and lunch. 

After checking in... photo time!

 The view from our room 

I really like the "loft" style of the room and the wide full length windows!
Though I don't really like tanning or being under the sun much, I love the natural sunlight streaming in from the windows <3

Okay, time to set out for Vivocity for some tea and Christmas shopping! Tourists for a day right? That also means taking public transport! We strolled along the river to Clarke Quay station and that also means more photos YAY! :D

Daisy print peekaboo shoulder dress with wedges from Charles & Keith

 The colourful buildings against the lovely clear blue sky! 

Alex's OOT:D hahaha...

We went to Bakerzin for their weekday teatime special upon reaching Vivo after which, we went to get my iPhone 5S! Yessss!! I can finally get rid of my 8GB iPhone 4 that was still running on iOS5 when everyone else was already running on ios7 simply cos it has no space. 

Beyond happy to receive that as my Christmas present from Alex! :D

Headed back to the hotel after a simple dinner at Wangz cafe. 

Next morning we explored the hotel, saw this walkway with natural sunlight streaming in and I can't resist taking some pics here. My OOT:D for brunch was really simple. The whole idea of this staycaion was to relax right? So the pieces I packed were also vacation style LOL.

 Featuring a floral cut out cropped top that's launching on SheCaptivates ( this Saturday! 

 Off to brunch! You know what they say... A hungry man is an angry man >.<!!
We walked to Common Man Coffee Roasters for brunch. 
We actually drove past this place quite a few times and wanted to try so today's the day! 
Yay :D
Flat White for Alex.
A pot of Earl Grey for me.
Btw, the pot was really heavy!

Give the man coffee and he's happy!
Actually I told him "can you give a happier smile?!?!" 
But seriously, give the man his coffee and he will be fine.

Our food has ARRIVED!!!
Okay, the platter was very big and the plate? 
Alex ordered the Common Man Breakfast Platter.
Looks really good!

Love the crispy bacon and sautéed mushrooms. 
Didn't try the rest cos it's not my breakfast. 
But Alex said it was very filling and the food is great! 
They were very generous with their portions. 
I think this breakfast platter can be for 2.
All of his favourite food in a platter.
Thumbs UP to this place!

Here's mine!
  I ordered churros cos I didn't want something too heavy but when it really looked like I had ordered dessert instead of breakfast haha! 
Generous portions as well.
The churros were freshly made so they tasted slightly different from the ones I usually have.
Yummy with the chocolate sauce!

 The mandatory shot outside the cafe with the fierce looking eagles.
Beware, they bite!
Just kidding :P

We headed back to the hotel and took some photos along the way.

 We went to the poolside to explore and to take some photos :)
I really love this floral cutout cropped top! 
It's perfect for pairing with shorts for casual outfits or layered over basic maxi dresses to jazz it up.
It comes in black too!
And its launching this Saturday, 7pm on SheCaptivates! 
 Nice poolside concept :)

 Posing while Alex answers a call hehehe...

Okay, enough of the "posey" shots haha!
We went back to the room to pack up, preparing for check out.
Thanks Alex for this staycation to celebrate our anniversary!
I really had fun, hope you did too! :D

Here's a pic Alex took which he thought was very funny.
I shall end with this

Happy Wednesday!

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